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Technology Transfer / Expert Network


2007 - 2012


Technology Transfer


Building A Marketplace For Technology

The ATechs marketplace provided a unified online resource for university technology transfer offices to offer newly developed technologies and innovations available for commercialization. ATechs paired industry with academia through a marketplace that featured the 100 top universities. Experts from around the world contributed technology reviews to enhance the licensing platform to provide analysis on viability, commercialization potential, & competition.

Technolog Transfer

Expert Network

Connecting Experts & Industry

Prior to the commercialization and investment of new technology, clients would require direct access to experts. ATechs offered the world's first technology expert network focused on providing private consulting services with technology leaders. Technology professionals were able share their knowledge and innovations with the world through global webinars and private engagements with select partners. Clients included institutional investors, Fortune 100 companies, & universities. These clients were able to perform primary research to gain global perspective on market challenges.


Expert Network

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