Written by Shaweta Saini

ReconRobotics was founded in 2006, and since then, it has been a leading force in robotics technology. Several of their products have been used extensively by organizations such as bomb squads, fire/rescue teams, the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Border Patrol, and many more. One of their most successful products, the Recon Scout Throwbot, is particularly innovative as it contains numerous qualities crucial to military operations. Due to the fact that it is highly stealthy and mobile, ReconRobotics has suggested using the Throwbot to explore dangerous environments prior to sending in a team.

The Recon Scout Throwbot is a small robot that can be placed anywhere that an operation might deem necessary prior to entering the area. Sturdy and dependable, it can be thrown across rooftops, over walls, and through windows, making it so that the personnel using the Throwbot can gather crucial information before the operation begins. It is sturdy enough so that can survive a 30-foot fall without being damaged. More recently, ReconRobotics has developed a version of the Throwbot designed for anti-piracy. This Throwbot is a two-part “marsupial” system, meaning that a smaller robot with a camera is placed inside a larger (though still small enough to be handheld) robot. Fired from a cannon, the larger robot sticks magnetically to the side of the pirates’ ship while the smaller robot gets to the deck and retrieves information for the team in charge of the operation. The robot can be controlled at a considerable distance using the Operator Control Unit, which transmits live feed. Low light is not a problem, as the robot has infrared illuminators that allow it to see in the dark. The Throwbot is crucial for military personnel as it allows them to survey a hostile situation before entering which could potentially save lives: already, U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are using this device. However, the device is not solely for military use: police and security forces, as well as rescue teams, also utilize the robot. The Throwbot allows such groups to make informed decisions prior to taking an action.

The Recon Scout Throwbot’s numerous stealthy characteristics do, indeed, give it a ‘ninja-like’ quality that different organizations use to their full advantage. Currently ReconRobotics has developed a version of the Throwbot specifically to help fight piracy, though it may also develop later versions to combat future problems. Perhaps the Throwbot’s most valuable asset is that it has the ability to save lives: by staking out a situation, personnel such as the police and military can make the best decisions that will cause the least amount of harm. Certainly, the robot’s intricate technology has already made a large impact, and as ReconRobotics continues to develop new versions of the Throwbot, it will continue to do so.



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