Written by Shaweta Saini

Many people do not know how much water they use up, and are faced with a shocking reality when they receive their bills at the end of the month. WaterSmart, a green-tech start up founded in November 2009 by Rob Steiner and Peter Yolles, is devoted to help lower water consumption. Based in California,  WaterSmart strives to make it easier for consumers to conserve both water and money.

WaterSmart was founded primarily, in the words of Yolles, to create a relationship between consumers and their water utility. Using software that they specially designed for this purpose, WaterSmart helps consumers know how much water they are using in their household. Thus, consumers are forced to think more analytically about the water that they use and what option is the most cost-efficient. With web technology and data management, WaterSmart has gone a long way in ensuring that customers know exactly how much water their household is using and how their usage compares to the usage of others. Even small steps towards water efficiency go far in long-term saving and conservation.  The innovation behind WaterSmart is particularly important in today’s world because of the rate at which humans are consuming natural resources, without regard to conservation or cost. Indeed, WaterSmart’s emphasis on using software to drive efficiency is certainly a new feature in the market. Both Yolles and Steiner believe that they can reduce water consumption by 2% this year alone.

Recently, WaterSmart raised capital of $900,000, and they hope to use this money to complete projects that they are currently working on and get beyond the concept phase of their project. Already they have won the ImagineH20 water efficiency concept. The impact that WaterSmart would have would be truly incredible: by helping consumers understand their water footprint, they can help households be as cost-efficient as possible.



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