Written by Jalisa Walden

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. is the leader of a new industry called Green Solutions for Environmental Remediation. The technologies permanently eliminate toxic and harmful effects of chemicals in the environment. The company focuses on breakthrough technology to help clients achieve permanent environmental cleanup that is safe and cost effective while providing a long overdue benefit to the global community. Originally founded in 2006 by Dr. John Collins, Dr. George Hoag, and Peter Perakos, VeruTek is based out of Bloomfield, Connecticut.

VeruTEK concentrates in soil groundwater remediation, wastewater, enhancing oil recovery, and oil spill treatment. The green chemistry can be inserted in close proximity to homes and building safely without interference to occupants to destroy organic contaminants including Non-Aquesous Phas Liquid (NAPL), Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) wastes, and hydrocarbons. The Green chemistry eradicates the use of excavation to relocate toxins to another location. The solutions have benefits such as an eco-friendly nontoxic catalyst and advanced oxidation technology which is capable of treating a wide range of contaminants and toxins. Their proprietary GreenCat catalyst is used for wastewater and sludge remediation environments such as industrial wastewater and sludge, oil & gas production, municipal, and biological.

Another product is the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) which allows green solutions to recover reserves. Some benefits include remaining active for 30 days, separating “water bound” oil, mobilizing oil for recovery, and delivering 50%-300% production increases. VeruTEK has developed three dispersant products that use biodegradable plant oil-based surfactants to disperse released oil and hydrogen peroxide to destroy the oil in place. These three dispersant systems were developed with differing performance characteristics and aquatic toxicity profiles. VeruTEK Technologies proprietary green nanotechnology solutions S-ISCO® and S-ESCO® solutions treat contaminated sites from petroleum, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, herbicides, dioxin, and other toxic chemicals.

VeruTEK clients include environmental consulting firms, government agencies, and large corporations. The future seems promising as VeruTEK is already a leader in a growing environmental remediation market that is currently $20 billion dollars. We will all look to see if VeruTEK accomplishes its mission to help create a sustainable environment for future generations.



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