Written by Alex Cala 

Solaris Synergy is an Israel-based company that is making strides in floating solar panel technology behind the leadership of co-founders Yossi Fisher, Dr. Yuri Kokotov and Dr. Michael Reyz.   Drawing on over 85 years of experience between them, this team is working to make floating solar panels the renewable energy application of the future.  

The low-profile solar cells of Solaris offer an interesting take on solar energy.  These cells are able to be deployed on fresh, salt or waste water, lakes, ponds, oceans and even waste treatment plants and can become home to Solaris products while taking up less essential space than they would on land.  Products from Solaris could mean widespread solar cell usage if municipalities could place them on their bodies of water, of if smaller applications could be developed for homeowners to place on pools or ponds. 

In September of this year, Solaris will begin a nine-month trial period in the south of France in order to test the efficacy of the solar panels.  The panels will be used at a hydroelectric facility in the region.  Solaris hopes that commercial products can be ready for sale as early as June, 2012.  Visit www.solaris-synergy.com for more information about the company and its ventures.  



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