Written by Sam Bendziewicz

Smule Inc., a privately funded software developer has been making waves in the iPhone and iPad app world since being founded in 2008. Based out of Palo Alto, California, founders Jeff Smith and Dr. Ge Wang have led a company that has developed hit musical based apps for the iPhone and iPad such as “Magic Piano”, “I Am T-Pain”, “Ocarina”, and most recently “Glee”.

Smule co-founder Dr. Ge Wang says he founded Smule to put the ability to make music in the hands of everyone. “Ocarina”, Smule’s number one app that allows users to blow into the microphone on their iPhone was recently named one of the Top 20 Downloads of All Time by Apple. The “I Am T-Pain” app allows users to sing along to their favorite T-Pain song, or any other song in their iTunes library mimicking the effects of Auto-Tune software that T-Pain popularized.

Within the past year, Smule has received an extra 8 million in funding from Shasta Ventures, a VC firm with interests in innovative technologies that enrich the customer experience. With the recent release of the Apple iPad, Smule has been able to expand the capability of their technology with the increased number of touch points available on the iPad.  One of the most interesting distinctions about Smule is the network they have created for people to share their musical creations with anyone all over the world. With all the extra funding they’re received, be on the lookout for new and innovative musical technologies.



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