Written by Janelle Francis

The technology used in glasses has remained virtually the same for the past fifty years, but PixelOptics is making the first progressive leap forward with a new pair of electronic bifocals.  Founded by Ronald Plum in 2005, PixelOptics has developed emPower, a pair of glasses that automatically switch between normal and reading views by a simple tilt of the head.

Bifocals, generally prescribed to those with near and far sightedness, can cause severe dizziness and nausea. Inspired by this issue, Plum began developing the technology used in emPower twelve years ago and has obtained almost three hundred patents protecting his design. The lenses are made of two glass substrates, filled with liquid crystals, allowing an effortless and soundless transition between prescriptions. If the user does not want the device to automatically change, it can manually switch views my touching the frame of glasses. The emPower glasses can be charged at night, and will have a full battery that lasts two to three days by the morning.

According to the Vision Council of America, about seventy-five percent of Americans have some form of vision impairment. PixilOptic’s new technology is opening the door to many new solutions and improvements in the optics industry. At a pricetag of $1000, the glasses are scheduled to become commercially available in the U.S. by April.  



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