Written by Shaweta Saini

Blue gel has proven itself to be crucial in regards to decontamination of radioactive spills. Officially called DeconGel, the hydrogel was manufactured by researchers at CBI Polymers and discovered by Skai Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Hawaii. A firm with an emphasis on finding new technologies with biomedical and biodefense applications, Skai Ventures discovered the wonders of DeconGel upon realizing that, after removing the hardened gel, the area on which the gel had been placed was completely clean with absolutely no foreign substances.

Though it has most recently been used extensively to clean up radioactive waste, DeconGel has a wide variety of other applications, such as cleaning up toxic industrial chemicals, asbestos, acids, and mercury. When placed on a surface, DeconGel absorbs all foreign material – including radiation and other pollutants. By hardening around the pollutants, DeconGel eliminates any threats that the pollutants may pose and allows for a far easier time for workers, as they can remove the gel and dispose of it without having to worry about pollutants leaking into the air and radioactivity spreading.  Normally, radiation would be scrubbed using soap and water, thus highly increasing the risk of spreading the pollutants and negatively effecting both the environment and the people who live in the area. Most recently, DeconGel has been widely used to clean up radiation in Japan in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster. Due to its immense success in containing the radiation in Japan, DeconGel has entered the market easily and is now in high demand.

Skai Ventures has certainly profited from the triumph of DeconGel. Indeed, DeconGel is the safest option for both workers and civilians: it allows workers to handle radiation and contamination without fear of being personally affected by the adverse effects, and it also allows civilians the assurance that they will not be harmed by the spread of radiation. Because of its wide applicability, DeconGel can clean up any mess – even the most dangerous – while ensuring the safety of all those involved in the process. Furthermore, it has a positive impact on the environment, as it is an environmentally-friendly gel that has an almost neutral pH value. With all of its benefits, it is no wonder that DeconGel is experiencing such popularity.



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