Written By Alex St. Urbain

Evatran, Inc. is a Virginia based company looking to improve the functionality of electric vehicles. Formed by MTC Transformers in 2009, the company recently unveiled Plugless Power, a wireless charging station for electric cars.

Plugless Power consist of two parts; an adapter that is fitted to the vehicle and a parking block located on ground in front of the charging station. When the vehicle parks over the block the system the electrical current flows from the charging station to the adapter on the vehicle wirelessly. The process is through electrical induction and currently the system works with approximately 80% efficiency. The producers plan to improve the process to 90% by the time the product is launched next spring.

According to Lee Slezak of Department of Energy, this plug free technology could be a right kind of technology to plug-in hybrid fleets. The fact that the Plugless power charges automatically makes it more convenient for customers. If this technology is successful it can be applied in cities and parking lots all over the world. This technology has led to possible larger advances as researchers from Utah State Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the government of New Zealand are developing inductive chargers that can be entrenched in highways to charge while driving. Plugless power has the capacity to make electric vehicles an attractive solution for customers, allowing a larger impact on climate change.



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