Written by Janelle Francis

Pelican Imaging Corporation, a California based technology start-up, is looking to revolutionize the mobile imaging industry. Founders, Aman Jabbi and Katrik Vebkataraman, have raised 17 million dollars since starting 2008 to make a mobile device camera that can refocus after a picture is taken, has gesture control, and 3-D depth. 

Traditionally camera manufactures have believed the more pixels the better the resolution. Pelican has developed a new way to get better resolution cameras with out sacrificing the sleek, slim look mobile devices have today. Its new array camera is composed of 25 micro-cameras that together will form a single image. Since the picture will be taken 25 slightly different ways it allows for the user to manipulate the picture after it has been taken. Along with the new camera, they have developed a new patented software that takes the raw data and processes it instantly, which Jabi says is the key to their mobile technology. The user could sharpen the foreground in a picture, and blur the background almost instantly. 

Pelican Imaging is in the final stages of finishing the prototype and will begin selling its patented technology to phone makers in the near future. With its new light sensitivity and sophisticated software, it will allow users to do things they have never been able to before. 



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