Written by Janelle Francis

 With everyone trying to develop the most energy efficient cars, Tour Engines, Inc. has come up with a revolutionary new engine model that actually splits the engine in half to boost efficiency. Founded in 2006, the San Diego based company is working with universities and subcontractors from top engineering firms to develop the final round of prototypes.

 The traditional engine has four strokes, two of which work best when cylinder is cold and the other two work best when cylinder is hot. The radiator is continually working to heat one cylinder and cool the other, causing a great waste in energy.  Tour Engine’s prototype separates the engine into hot section and a cold section, dramatically reducing the energy that is lost.  By making the cylinder smaller as well, the Tour engine cuts down on the amount of fuel-air mixture that is lost as exhaust. A conventional engine wastes forty percent of energy during cooling and another thirty percent due to exhaust. In reality, only thirty percent of the fuel used to fill up a tank is converted into actual work. With gas prices rising as well as the shortening supply of fuel, the Tour engine could be a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

Engineers at Tour Engine believe that the new prototype can boost engine efficiency by twenty percent immediately, and hopefully by fifty percent in the near future.




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