Written by Francesca Malenky

Millions of IPhones and ITouches are sold every year. Apple started a technology revolution with its innovative use of haptics, the touch behind touchscreens. 

Haptics give gadgets electrostatic properties that add tactile sensations to screens. The creation of haptic technology has caused an explosion of technology start ups. One such start-up, Pacinian, has created a kind of coating that can be put on any surface and will turn it into an electrostatic surface that responds to touch. They are currently working on a mainstream haptic keyboard and will be incorporating haptic technology into casinos and cars. Another startup, Senseg, has actually used haptics in order to replicate the feel of textures. This will aid consumers while they shop online. Tactus Technology has taken this a step further by developing a haptic keyboard that allows one to feel the buttons. 

With such advancing steps in haptic technology, it seems that every gadget will find ways to incorporate it.



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