Written by Francesca Malenky

Have you ever had an idea and thought, “Wow! This is an awesome business idea!”? However, entrepreneurship can be quite difficult without the right support and the right resources, and a lot of ideas are not acted upon. With Craig Walker’s new company, Firespotter Labs, Walker takes great ideas and turns them into successful companies.

Craig Walker is a genius when it comes to startup  companies. He created GrandCentral, which is now known as Google Voice.  Firespotter Labs is his latest venture. On his website, he describes it as not a  company but literally a lab where things are created. Rather than looking for outside entrepreneurs, he has a team of entrepreneurs who generate ideas, create 
companies, and find other people to run them if the business becomes successful. 

Currently,  Mr. Walker’s interests are mobile technology, and while he does not disclose his current projects, it’s safe to say at least one of them has to do with mobile technology. New mobile technology? Whatever he and his team come up with, it will surely be the next big thing.



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