Written by Alex Cala

Cella Energy, a company which develops safe low-cost hydrogen storage that allows for portable power, has recently been making strides in its product offerings. Led by CEO Stephen Voller, the company is developing a wide-range of applications from the home to outer space. The Cella technology has the potential to change the electrical requirements for common consumer products, such as a laptop needing only one charge per week.

The technology was initially created in 2007 as a joint venture research project between Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the London Centre for Microtechnology at University College UCL. The research received additional funding from UK-based chemical manufacturing company Thomas Swan & Co. The tech and a new company called Cella Energy was formed.

Historically, the use of hydrogen as an energy source has been limited by the requirements of high pressure and extremely low temperature for safe usage. Cella Energy has developed a technology that reduces these requirements and creates a safe hydrogen storage technology. Their technology works on the molecular level by creating a nanostructure to encapsulate complex chemical hydride materials, thereby improving their performance.

As the company grows, you can expect to see hydrogen as a viable source of alternative energy for a variety of uses. It is predicted that the technology would lead to fuel costs of $1.50 per gallon and zero emmisions. It will be exciting to see the other applications Cella Energy will find for their hydrogen storage technology as it enters the marketplace.



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