ATLANTA, March 15, 2011 -- Despite recent investigations exposing insider-trading scandals, expert network company, ATechs, reports a trending increase in customer interest and confidence. According to the company's founders, Michael Zuckerman and Jeff Brown, the influx indicates that clients haven't given up on the industry as a whole but are conducting more extensive research before contracting an expert network. The resulting shift in priorities has given ethical expert network companies the opportunity to demonstrate a more personal, strategic and ethical methodology.

"Businesses have always required an exclusive level of information that only experts can deliver, but recent events have prompted companies using expert networks to reevaluate the importance of quality standards and compliance policies," says Zuckerman. "The importance of company transparency has never been higher and this has given ATechs and other ethical expert networks an edge, leading clients to understand the quality distinction and the unique value presented to their professional endeavors."

Unlike many Expert Networks born out of the financial services industry, ATechs began as a technology-based company, founded on unwavering compliance policies and a mission to spread the industry-specific innovations and insight. ATechs continues to attract customers who use the network alone or in tandem with universities, corporations and other technology organizations.

Over the next year, ATechs plans to add an array of free content to its existing weekly newsletter, which features stories on innovative companies and spotlights key opinion leaders. Created to educate clients and provide additional exposure for experts, product offerings will include video blogs, industry-specific articles, Client-to-Expert Q&A's and more.

About ATechs

ATechs is an expert services firm dedicated to helping experts share their knowledge and innovations with the world. Institutional investors and businesses use ATechs to perform primary research by speaking directly to the experts. Launched in 2007 by entrepreneurs Michael Zuckerman & Jeff Brown, as a technology marketplace for experts to review cutting-edge innovations, ATechs stepped away from technology licensing and re-launched as a research firm focused on connecting clients to specialized expert insight across many industries. Under the new business model, investors, fortune 100 companies, universities and many others have employed ATechs to connect with experts to gain global perspective on market challenges they face.



04/04/2011 2:43pm

This is great news. Expert Networks are not part of the problem, in fact, I think they are part of the solution. As long as they are managed correctly, Expert networks force experts and firms to be accountable for their actions.


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