To Clients, Experts, and Partners,

Recent news of insider trading allegations has put a spotlight on the expert network world. I write to you today to assure you all that our firm is in no way connected to the current investigations and ATechs continue to maintain a flawless compliance record.

Since our inception in 2007, the mission of ATechs has been to stand out as a reputable firm with undisputed representation for both our experts and clients. We have not failed in this mission. ATechs has built a solid foundation based on compliance practices which protect our community while adhering to the law. Please review examples of our Compliance Practices.

Most importantly, ATechs stands 100% behind its service and connections. Our goal is to make top quality primary research available to all of our clients by adhering to high compliance standards.

We appreciate the ongoing efforts of our clients and experts. If you are not already a member, join our community and find out what ATechs is about!


Michael Zuckerman
CEO & Founder 
ATechs Expert Network



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